In addition to MICE you may be interested in our other services:


«Destination Management Company» (DMC) may be translated into Russian as «inbound tour operator».

We have vast experience in preparing and carrying out different meetings and events, in particular, for foreign business tourists.

Our company provides for:

– food (from catering to banquets);

– lodging (taking into account your requirements and regional specifics);

– entertainment (programs and excursions);

as well as transport services, interpreters/translators, guides and so on.

Concierge service

Routine daily tasks:

  • courier services,
  • delivery of food products, flowers and presents,
  • catering,
  • ordering taxi and booking tickets,
  • reservation of a table in the restaurant and a room at the hotel,
  • dog walking,
  • home maintenance,
  • childcare,
  • garment care,
  • hiring personnel,
  • rent and lease;

Business tasks:

  • information search,
  • text typing, text translation,
  • organizing presentations and other events,
  • telephone survey;

– this is only a small part of the service range by our Concierge service.

Complete touristic service of companies

From one-time events to customer support.

Organizing and carrying out business events

Business meetings, conferences, negotiations, business tours.

Incentive programs for personnel

Trainings, competitions, award tours.

Author tours

Target-specific tours based on individual experience of its authors and established links.

Visa support

Transport services

Booking tickets, organizing transfers



– Optimize company’s costs for tours abroad;

Create a concept and organize business tour;

– Concept is available, only assisting in organizing a business tour;

– Develop stands and presentations;

— Organize or go to a conference, congress, forum, convention, workshop and so on;

— Take part in an exhibition or organize an exhibition event of your own;

– Stimulate employees with a special incentive program (training, competition, team building, award tour);

– Carry out a complex or delicate assignment.

– Fulfill the functions of the host, or find a company to perform them;