Concierge service

Concierge service

What is the difference between the Concierge service and services of personal assistants?

Personal assistant is an employee, which, because of the nature of his activities, is not capable of solving a wide range of problems. The field of his activities is purpose-limited.

Unlike a personal assistant, the Concierge service covers 99.9% of any problem which can be solved at all.

Certainly, we can also assume ordinary tasks, for example, email checking or the whole of the secretary functions, that, actually, will mean finding you a secretary.

But we can also reserve you a super yacht, or keep calendar of gifts at a much higher level than an ordinary secretary.

Консьерж - сервис
Консьерж - сервис

"You ask your personal assistant: - Can you reserve me a table?"

And, often, after several useless calls the assistant addresses the Concierge service, or a friend of a friend who could help.

Just think: do you need such a staffing position in your staff?

We are the company which renders services of the Concierge service.  We help a person, a family or a company solve all problems from searching an employee to dog walking at a given time.

Our work consists of the following steps:

1. You tell what must be done;

2.  We complete the assigned task;

3. We raise invoice.

So, the Concierge service is a personal assistant, but not with a narrow list of functions, but with really   limitless ability in solving any problem.

It would be easier to say that we could do absolutely everything.

Not to make it look like an exaggeration, we suggest that you look through the cases below and draw your own conclusions.

Concierge service


Slippers from Marrakech

One of our customers, who returned from a long journey in Arab countries with his friend, informed us, that his friend liked house slippers of limited production which he had seen in a gift shop in the Yves Saint-Laurent museum.

The museum is in Marrakech.

Our client had decided to buy the slippers as a birthday present to his friend, but being too much involved in business, he clean forgot about them and asked us to find the way to get them.

It turned out that his friend’s birthday was already in 2 days and we found out that no delivery service was able to bring the slippers in Moscow on time.

The only way out was to send our man directly to Marrakech, into the museum, and buy the precious for our customer. Taking into account that there were no direct flights to Marrakech from Moscow, our employee had a chance to taste a real Turkish kebab when he was waiting for the connecting flight.

We were there before the shop closed.

After we had bought the slippers, only two such pairs were left.

The customer was delighted.

Консьерж - сервис
Concierge service
Консьерж - сервис

Dog as gift

Thursday afternoon the assistant of one our customer addressed us with a seemingly ordinary task: to find a Shih Tzu puppy for a gift by Tuesday.

But as we know the devil is in the detail.

And the details were as follows:

The puppy as gift had to be:

– under 6 months of age;

– a girl;

– not from Russia;

– with a pedigree of at least two generations;

– necessarily for exhibitions.

Considering that the breed of is mainly popular in  Asia and America, finding such a pussy, moreover, in such a short time in Europe was very difficult.

Another contact — president of a company busy with trading in pussies of various breeds throughout Europe — came to the rescue.

On Saturday afternoon we received a letter from them that they had found a puppy exactly complying with such strict requirements, with a pedigree even longer, down to the fifth generation.

By Monday afternoon all the permission documents for exporting the puppy from the Czech Republic to Moscow were prepared.

And on Tuesday morning the assistant jointly with director of a canine service from Moscow (in a couple of days we had also found him, and even with an open visa) left for Prague, where they successfully rechecked, took and brought the puppy as gift to our dear customers.

Complex, interesting and unusual.

Concierge service

Bottle of rare whiskey for employee

Assistant of the owner of a legal consultation office from London had accidentally found our phone number in Runet and contacted us.

She needed urgently to give as birthday present a bottle of rare whiskey to one of the name partners of the company who at the moment was on business in Moscow.

But before being presented, the whiskey was to be found.

After she had called several Concierge services, the assistant was very resentful, because they all had refused to help her as she was not their client.

But sometimes exceptions should be made.

And it was us to make such an exception.

While one employee was sending the girl an invoice for the whiskey, another one was already going to, probably, the best vinotheque of Moscow in search of a cherished bottle with the amber-colored liquid.

After a couple of calls and several hours we managed to purchase the last exemplar of excellent Scotch whiskey manufactured in 1948.

Express delivery within Moscow was already an easy part of the job.

We managed to bring to the birthday celebrant this delightful present just before he was leaving the office.

The assistant was in seventh heaven with happiness, and we found a new client.

Консьерж - сервис