Destination Management Companies (DMC):

These are organizations which specialize in preparing and carrying out various meetings and events, more often for business tourists from other states.

Inbound tour operators

By contacting a DMC company, you may be sure that you will have:

– food (from catering to banquets);

– lodging (taking into account your requirements and regional specifics);

– entertainment (programs and excursions);

as well as transport services, interpreters/translators, guides and so on

The secret of such assistance is in the vast knowledge of the company employees about their region, rich experience of receiving foreign guests and in the use of local resources.


Who hires a DMC?

DMC Company –

is a trustworthy assistant for organizers of corporate events and meetings, which have to plan events in other countries.

Any travel agency or a company planning a corporate tour, may choose working with a DMC in the part of organizing events, if such an event occurs in another country.

Why DMC?


Only a local representative knows which public food service establishments, transport services, hotels and other facilities provide the best service within an affordable budget.


Only representatives of DMC company understand cultural norms and expectations, for example, they know when the prices on the local market are lower, or in which places unwanted clauses may be added to the bill.


Only employee company DMC know, where and how to find the best entertainments, the freshest food, the most attentive personnel and the best travel routes.


What a DMC does

DMC Company,

based on deep knowledge of specifics of a city and region, is a highly specialized consultant in actually all aspects of preparing and carrying out various events in a given territory.

The majority of DMC services belong to one or several of the following categories:

– Program development.

These services include choosing and reserving of a venue, organizing and developing events.

– Logistics management

These services include making a schedule of preparing and carrying out events, reservation of transport, coordination of arrival and departure of guests.

– Supplies management.

These services include the choice of a supplier and price negotiations.

– Accounting.

These services include audit and paying suppliers’ invoices, financial negotiations and provision of a detailed report to the client.

If you are a travel agency or organizer of corporate events.

DMC Company can help in regard of coordination of transport, hotel accommodation, meals and local specifics.

Often DMC employees may agree about lower prices at the expense of bigger amount of purchase.

In non-English speaking countries, DMC can also help overcome a language barrier.

At the same time, in addition to related issues connected with hospitality, the major service of DMC companies is organizing and planning the most important event, be it a gala dinner, corporate meeting, conference, or a corporate incentive tour.



Being a host,

our company is guided by the highest world standards of receiving and servicing our guests.

Both the managers and employees use their knowledge, experience and personal links so that every minute of staying on our soil brings unforgettable impressions to our guests.