Business tour to Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan

Business tour

Baku White City

Business tour

Shopping centre PORT Baku Mall

Business tour

Port Baku Towers


Why Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan is a developing  state with centuries-old history

Conservation of historical charm of the country organically combines with the implementation of high-tech solutions in the image of cities.

The capital of Azerbaijan Baku is experiencing the new birth as the largest economical and cultural center of Transcaucasia.

For whom?

Business tour is useful for:

  • management companies of  business centers,
  • owners of office buildings,
  • developers of residential real estate (elite, business  and comfort class),
  • owners of residential real estate assets,
  • top managers of  developer companies,
  • managers of subject-matter directions of  developer and realtor companies,
  • brokers,
  • consultants,
  • investors studying new high-yielding methods of real estate monetization.

Business tour  program includes:

  • District as a business card of a XXI century city
  • SMART HOME is of residential real estate of a new generation;
  • Innovation solutions in the development  of commercial and residential real estate of growing cities;
  • Technical  infrastructure  of commercial buildings for new demand;
  • Competitive advantages of projects;
  • Organization of operation of multifunctional complexes (MFC) and high-rise complexes;
  • Maximization of profitability of the managed real estate;
  • New  technologies for efficient buildings.

Tour program:

09:30 – 10:00 Gathering of group, breakfast

10:00 – 10:30 MeetUp Regus Azerbaijan

10:30 – 12:00 Visiting business center Baku White City

12:00 – 14:00 Visiting shopping centre PORT Baku Mall

14:00 – 15:00 Lunch

15:00 – 16:30 Visiting real estate complex PORT BAKU RESIDENCE

16:30 – 18:00 Visiting multifunctional center  PORT BAKU TOWERS TOWERS



Business center Baku White City

Office building which received the certificate of environmental assessment of buildings efficiency  BREEAM.

Baku White City has been created to present the leading, dynamically  developing  companies a really world level of  business  style and comfort  with an ideal architectural look and excellent location.

The building with landscaped gardens of a special design and elegant lobby complies with all standard of comfort.

High level of  quality and extraordinarily convenient  organization of space and stories, as well as location and architectural concept  make the Office Building one of the most attractive places for work and doing business.

Shopping centre PORT Baku Mall

Three-storey complex  32 000 sq.m. in total area was opened in 2014. From that day until now it has been carrying the title of the most luxurious shopping centre in Azerbaijan.

Shopping centre Port Baku is a part of the complex Port Baku.

Unique apartment block, the residential complex  overlooking the Caspian Sea and Seaside boulevard.

Three  towers of the complex contain 800 deluxe class apartments built in compliance with the strictest international standards.

The project includes residential apartments, gym and wellness complex, universal conference rooms, parking lot for 2000 cars. The flats are adjoining open terraces located one over another, which gives the building façade a view steps descending to the Caspian coast.

The facility is near the business quarters of the city, cultural sites and recreational areas.

Multifunctional center PORT BAKU TOWERS

Port Baku Towers consists of two buildings of commercial destination, which contain “Class A” office space.

Northern Tower houses the central office of the leading energy company of the region, which occupies all the stories.

Office premises in the Southern Tower of the complex  from which there is a magnificent view to the Baku Harbor are occupied by the offices of major international and Azerbaijani companies.

Total area of the facility: 130 000 sq.n.

Tour to Philips Head Quarters

Business tour




Why exactly Philips?

Philips is the world leader in manufacturing innovation light.

Innovation lighting systems  StoreWise or Fresh Food allow to show foodstuff in the best light, underline colors and to beneficially  demonstrate textures that one must like to taste.

Lighting Philips not only motivates buying, but also improves the atmosphere  in the store in the whole, contributing to protection of the environment  and reduces the  equipment the pay-back period.

All major world brands use Philips light.

For whom the tour is

Tour is for representatives of trading companies which are interested in developing   merchandizing of the shops  with the use of innovation lighting.

This  tour will also be interesting for companies rendering services of creating interiors of shopping areas.

What will the tour participants get?

The tour participants will know newest developments in the field of lighting and merchandizing of public and shopping spaces.

Philips, Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Tour in Italy

Business tour






What will you choose?

The fifties with traditional paparazzi or The Talented Mr. Ripley?

Italian Riviera is the place of unique beauty and historical value.

Communication which enriches with emotions, beautiful views, tasty food and as a result a lot of amazing photos!

They will blow up your Instagram, but that will be later.

And now:
we take to the tour only like-minded people, so that synergistic effect  increases the pleasure and use for every tour participant!